Forum on International Higher Education

Spring 2021
This Year’s Theme:

(Un)prepared for the future? 

CZEDUCON is a meeting platform for experts in the field of internationalisation of higher education institution. In the Czech Republic it is the largest event of its kind. The conference is organised by the Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS) under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

This year’s subtitle is (Un)prepared for the Future? Visitors have 2 days full of information and number of reputable guests to look forward to. 

Main thematic areas:
Globální rizika a krizový management
Erasmus+ v novém programovém období
Online výuka a virtuální mobility
Digitalizace administrace a marketingu mezinárodních aktivit
Budování vnitřních kapacit pro internacionalizaci

Global Risks and Crisis Management

Global development brings with it a lot of risks – from epidemiological risk, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, through economic, geopolitical and security risks – to the risk of climate change. How can higher education institutions manage those risks and how can they become prepared for such unfavourable situations? How should institutions respond to and communicate in such unexpected circumstances?


Erasmus+ in the New Programme Period

The Erasmus+ new programme period is coming soon. What changes will it bring, not only regarding the programme itself and its key actions, but also in the areas of administration, digitalisation, inclusion or environmentally sustainable mobility? How to effectively tackle the challenges of new Erasmus+? 


Online Learning and Virtual Mobility 

Transfer of tuition to virtual space is one of the solutions for preserving and possibly expanding international cooperation in education. What experience did the interruption of face-to-face tuition in spring 2020 bring in this area? What tools, methods and procedures can be used for virtual mobility, including blended mobility?


Digitalisation of Administration and Marketing of International Activities 

Mobility and project administration will be influenced by digitalisation. Digitalisation will also significantly affect marketing and recruitment and admission of foreign students. How should higher education institutions proceed in the digitalisation of those processes? What tools and good practices are available?


Internal Capacity Building for Internationalisation

Internal capacity building is essential for further development of internationalisation. How can higher education institutions contribute to linguistic and intercultural preparation of students and teachers, including the readiness for on-line tuition, enlarge the number of courses and study programmes in foreign languages and improve support services for foreign students and staff? 


Proposal submission and selection of papers

To submit your proposal, please fill in the registration form by June 30th.

Past conferences:


Second annual conference with focus on internationalisation of higher education hosted over 500 participants who could choose from 42 speeches, panel discussions or workshops. Among the main speakers were EAIE President Sabine Pendl, global higher education strategist Rahul Choudaha or ACA President Ulrich Grothus.


The first annual conference to become meeting platform for experts in the field of internationalisation of higher education institution. The cross-cutting theme, 20 years on the wave of international education, responded to 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s participation in the Erasmus program. Former EAIE President Marcus Laitinen and European Commission Representative, among others, presented their views on the internationalisation of education in Europe.

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